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ANUMAYA HUMAN RESOURCES FOUNDATION stands for Enlightening the way to Evolution of Wisdom with the means of Mankind.
SCOPE OF ANUMAYA : The area of operation is whole of INDIA.

Anumaya Nijer Bari

Orphans, destitute and vagrant children as well as parents fallen victim to filial ingratitude or generation-gap and parent without offspring can have their Home-Like Abode in the novel unit, ANUMAYA NIJER BARI of the ANNUMAYA HUMAN FOUNDATION.

The Bari to take full care and create an atmosphere of love and propinquity, grace and profound reverence to our old, fragile and sad mothers and fathers as well as deep affection to our children without kith and kin.

The Bari shall go a long way to Discourage Begging in our country by gradually giving shelter to those who live on alms and motivating them to be productive with their skills and zeal.

A sense of dedication to duty is to be in stilled in the inmates of the Bari, so that they may take up various works and develop their skills. The Bari has to create proper working avenues by providing job, such as : Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Typing, Farming, Craft Skills: Iron works , Smithy, Carpentry, Tailoring, and Carving etc.

Library , prayer hall, play ground, dispensaries with indigenous treatment facilities and schools are the features of ANUMAYA NIJER BARI. The project of the Bari is based on ANUMAYA'S board Philanthropic mission.


Anumaya Vidya Nikung

Establishment of primary schools providing true education to release of child's forces of intelligence. The primary schools have to take special care to those children who are minority in origin, viz..., children of Nepalese and Tribal origins.

The Nikunj caters to the educational needs of children and believes in making them physically, morally, mentally and vocationally sound.
The Nikunj evolves a formula to develop all – around personality of a child by adopting 3-H system of education, i.e., education to enrich Head, Heart & Hands together, thus, proving the truth in enshrined in the Gospel of Swami Vivekananda : EDUCATIONS IS THE MANEFESTATION OF THE PERFECTION ALREADY IN MAN The first primary school, ANUMAYA VIDYA NIKUNJ, under the patronage of AHRF has been established at Patna, Bihar(India).

The Nikunj facilitates an ideal school for children with a team of dedicated and well –experienced teachers endowed with a zeal of inculcating true sprit of learning in children by arousing and fulfilling their inquisitiveness.

Skill Development

Skill development in children through education has been taken up by the NIKUNJ to generate creativity in them and inspire them to equip to themselves with the fundamental now-how to develop aptitude for self employment catalyzing the National Production.

Learning Through Minimum Books

Children have less load of books as the numbers of books for the syllabus is small. With a large number of books, our children suffer physically and mentally.

We have involved a system to impart learning of all the relevant subjects object ally in order to make our children above the mark with competitive zeal. Instead of introducing many separate books on various subjects such as : History , Geography , Civics, Moral Science, General Knowledge, General Science etc.. the NIKUNJ has single subject "CHILDRENS GENERAL STUDIES" in the form of compact study where in imperative learning of all the subjects is there in a single book. This will give much relief to unnecessary expenditures the parents have to incur on so many books. This , in no way, shall weaken our children to compete with the other children of any Premier Modal Schools of India, Our children shall be more competition-oriented right at their formative career.

Computer Help in Learning

This being an era of computer, the NIKUNJ with its own computer promotes Scientific orientation in children right at their initial stage of learning..


The pupils of NIKUNJ have their own LIBRARY with regular Education , Journals and Periodicals. The Library has a large number of Children's Informative and Interesting books on Science, Literature, Humanities, etc. Through which their inquisitive to know more or more can be aroused with True spirit of LEARNING.

Hindi is a Compulsary Language

Hindi being a National Language finds a gracious and esteemed prominence in Nikunj. The Nikunj has brilliant teachers for teaching Hindi in true and patriotic spirit.

Optional Languages

This is perhaps the first school of its type which provides teaching of Nepal in Bihar. A good number of Nepal in Bihar. A good number of Nepalese people resides in the State of Bihar. The Nikunj provides an opportunity of learning of Nepali to the children of Nepalese origin as well as those who opt for. The NIKUNJ again provides teaching of Arabic, Bangla, Punjab (Gurumukhi), Maithii, Pali, Sanskrit and Urdu as a optional language.


Knowledge of YOGA with regular practices is being imparted by a trained and true YOGA Teacher to make our children physically and mentally sound, so that they could emerge as ENLIGHTENED YOUTHS of true spirit full of self confidence and strong will.


The NIKUNJ with a big play ground and a trained coach provides various OUTDOOR GAMES and Sports as well as SCOUT'S training to make our children physically stout.

Hostel and Transport

Hostel and transport facilities have been provided by the school.

Exursion Trips

The Nikunj takes its children to Excursion trips to places Important Historical and other Learning interacts.

Problem Child

The Nikunj does not believe that any child is a problem. The very idea reflects some shirt comings in the elders and victims thereto are our children . Hence, the Nikunj accepts this challenge to make such children worth loving and worthy of their parents, teachers and above all the Nation.